Get Cloudies for less! Our 6-box Cloudies Bundles are shipped free to your doorstep when you subscribe.

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Step 1: Choose your Cloudies Bundle 

Select your favorite flavor or choose a variety pack for a sampling of each. Keep stocked up so you always have a fresh-baked Cloudie at your fingertips!

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Step 2: Select your frequency

Get your Cloudies Bundle delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months. You can edit your frequency at any time under “My Account.”

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Step 3: Open, freeze and enjoy!

Your Cloudies are shipped with a cold pack and insulated liner to keep them cool and fresh. Once they arrive, put your Cloudies in the freezer and thaw when you’re ready to enjoy!

*Customers can cancel subscription at any time after their first three shipments.

  • garlic-herb-bundle-6

    Garlic-Herb Cloudies® Bundle

    $40.00 available on subscription
  • cheddar-bundle-6

    Cheddar Cloudies® Bundle

    $40.00 available on subscription
  • original-bundle-6

    Original Cloudies® Bundle

    $40.00 available on subscription
  • variety-bundle-6

    Variety Cloudies® Bundle

    $40.00 available on subscription

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