Rise beyond bread

Our Cloudbread. Your Lifestyle. Endless Possibilities.

gluten and grain-free


no added preservatives

35 calories

zero carbs




Light and fluffy Cloudies®, fresh from our ovens to you.

Our Original Cloudies are made with just four simple ingredients – eggs, cream cheese, baking soda, and baking powder. Baked to perfection, our light and airy Cloudies practically melt in your mouth. Enjoy Cloudies with all your favorite foods – sandwiches, pizza, or topped with your favorite spread. With Cloudies, your options are sky high.

Awesome! I can have a real burger again!!

I have had one, loved it. For anyone on a Keto diet.

I just toasted a slice, pretty darn good!

This will be a nice option since we usually make ketogenic buns and bread….

Great option for Bariatric patients as well!!

For breakfast, get this in place of toast!!

Had a burger with cloud bread the other night. So nice to eat a burger on a bun again!

Ordered the twin [burger] on cloud bread! It was amazing!!

Thank you – I am diabetic… That helps us a lot!

Great thing for people on low carb and keto diets

Omg!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Love it! Great for the Keto diet!!

I tried it for my burger. It tasted great! Will have to try it with eggs.

This is awesome!!

So excited! Thank you!

I’ve tried it!! Really good for sandwiches.

I am coming in to try this!!! So happy they have these!

Yay! This is also for anyone who eats a Keto lifestyle! Next date night dinner will be here!!

This is great news for people who are allergic to wheat! Thank you!!

Now that I see the ingredients. I think I will try it!

what will you make with your cloudies?

what will you make with your cloudies?