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gluten-free ingredients


no added preservatives

zero carbs*

*garlic-herb flavor contains 1g carbs or less



Light and fluffy Cloudies, fresh from our ovens to you.

Our Original Cloudies are made with just four simple ingredients – eggs, cream cheese, baking soda, and baking powder. Baked to perfection, our light and airy Cloudies practically melt in your mouth. Enjoy Cloudies with all your favorite foods – sandwiches, pizza, or topped with your favorite spread. With Cloudies, your options are sky high.

Awesome! I can have a real burger again!!

Kimberly Zalewski

I have had one, loved it. For anyone on a Keto diet. 😀

Merry Loper

I just toasted a slice, pretty darn good!

Sharon Quint Crow

This will be a nice option since we usually make ketogenic buns and bread….

Jan Van Bruggen

Great option for Bariatric patients as well!!

Kerri Miller Mason

For breakfast, get this in place of toast!!

Rose Schuitema

Had a burger with cloud bread the other night. So nice to eat a burger on a bun again!

Marci Hoezee

Ordered the twin [burger] on cloud bread! It was amazing!!

Jennifer Peoples Morse

Thank you – I am diabetic… That helps us a lot!

Steven & Vicky VanAsperen

Great thing for people on low carb and keto diets ❤️🙏

Kim Toorenaar

Omg!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Laura Leigh

Love it! Great for the Keto diet!!

Michelle Roe Stam

I tried it for my burger. It tasted great! Will have to try it with eggs.

Nancy Brinks

This is awesome!!

Megan Gonzalez

So excited! Thank you!

Amy Graham

I’ve tried it!! Really good for sandwiches.

Kaylee Thomas

I am coming in to try this!!! So happy they have these!

Judith Prangley-Stegehuis

Yay! This is also for anyone who eats a Keto lifestyle! Next date night dinner will be here!!

Gina Sutton

This is great news for people who are allergic to wheat! Thank you!!

Kathy Krentz Wysozan

Now that I see the ingredients. I think I will try it!

Cynthia Gleason Delmont

what will you make with your cloudies?

what will you make with your cloudies?

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